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Discover how to easily do a special promotion, such as a "Black Friday" or Birthday Sale, to generate instant revenue AND get new clients!

Here's what happened during my 1st "Black Friday - Cyber Monday" Sale

It was November 23, 2012... The Friday after the US Thanksgiving holiday. 🦃

And I remember it like it was yesterday.

At 8am my husband and I went to an outdoor exercise class... had to burn off some of those mashed potatoes, gravy and pie calories - lol 🤣

Awhile after we got home I decided to go down to my office and check email.

Well, can you guess what my in-box was flooded with?

👉 That's right... Tons of "Black Friday Sale" announcements.

And while I was expecting to see promotions from big name brands and stores...

...I was shocked to see so many of them from my coaching colleagues.

It seemed like everyone I knew was having a 🎉 Black Friday Sale🎉!

And then I got mad. 😡

Not at them... at myself!

🤔 Why hadn't I planned ahead and put together my own Black Friday sale?

DOH! 😮

So I did what any scrappy and entrepreneurial business owner would do...

...I sat there at my computer, and created my very first Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale. 👏

And by 2:18pm that afternoon I sent out this email to my list:

Well, when Cyber Monday rolled around and the sale ended I had 18 new customers and generated $8,604 of brand new revenue that I wasn't even planning on! 🤑

On top of that, I created a simple email campaign inviting those new customers to have a free strategy session with me. I don't recall how many people took me up on that offer. It wasn't that many.

BUT... I know for sure that at least 2 people had strategy sessions, because one person signed up for my VIP Private Coaching Package and another person signed up for 6 months of coaching with one of my Associate Coaches...

...Bringing in an additional $13,000! 💰💰

Needless to say, this got me hooked on doing special promotions and sales. Especially during the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend which is known for "Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" Sales.

Hi, I'm Michelle Schubnel

For more than 2 decades, my team and I have taught thousands of coaches worldwide how to attract and enroll high-paying clients and build a thriving, rewarding and profitable coaching business using the step-by-step Coach & Grow R.I.C.H. client attraction and enrollment system.

I'm also well-known for my world-class Group Coaching Success Program that helps coaches move beyond only serving clients one-on-one, so they can instead maximize their income, impact and free time by running highly profitable and rewarding group coaching programs.

And ever since I put together my very first "Black Friday - Cyber Monday" sale back in 2012, I've run a special promotion over the US Thanksgiving holiday weekend every year, except for one when I was on a 3 week trip.

Over all those years I've tried many different approaches and price points...

...From offering 50% off my flagship programs

...To offering a $27 workshop

...To creating bundles priced between $97 and $197

And ultimately these promotions not only resulted in tens of thousands of dollars in extra fast cash, but also lots of new clients!

But enough about me.

I bet you're wondering...

Just how profitable and effective can a "Black Friday Sale" (or other type of promotion) be for you and your coaching business?

Well, we don't really have to guess.

Because the fact is, sales and promotions work... Especially when you do them right!

Unfortunately, even though every one of my "Black Friday" Sales did generate revenue quickly, not all of them were home runs.

  • I made some BIG strategic mistakes.
  • Some years I failed to plan things out early enough in advance.
  • Other times I didn't name the promotion properly.
  • This list could go on and on :)

Let's just say, I've gone through the school of hard knocks when it comes to running special promotions and learned my lessons!

Thankfully, I stuck with it and now I finally feel like I've cracked the code on how to run highly successful promotions in my business, especially a "Black Friday - Cyber Monday" Sale...

...An annual promotion that not only brings in a serious amount of cash in just 4 days, but also leads to new high end clients!

PLUS... I also came up with a ninja strategy and way to name the sale that makes it so easy to feel good about doing the promotion :)

Want to find out how to do this in your business?


Fast Cash Promos That Get You Clients

A Live 2 Hour Training Workshop on Zoom where you'll learn:

  • How to create a special promotion/sale that your ideal clients will gobble up.
  • What you must include so that your promotion leads to new clients.
  • The best way to name your special offer so it's enticing and automatically attracts.
  • How to choose the right price.
  • My ninja insider secrets specifically for a "Black Friday - Cyber Monday" Sale.
  • How you can easily create a special package to promote, even if you don't have any existing online courses or programs.
  • PLUS... you'll also be rolling up your sleeves and mapping out your own sale/promotion, so that you leave the training workshop with a specific "fast cash and client getting" game plan that you can implement right away!

The Live Training Workshop is happening on Thursday, October 27 @ 12noon - 2pm Pacific Time.

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